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Updated: 9 hours 29 min ago

Free Game Dragon Age: Origins

Thu, 10/09/2014 - 11:50
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Human Resources

Thu, 10/02/2014 - 20:51
Uber's next RTS:

I love the idea. It has been far too long since we had a game where you get to be the monster! However, this is Uber. Despite what they say in that vid, the backers for Planetary Annihilation haven't been overjoyed with the current state of the game and a number of undelivered features (quote from one disgruntled fan: "Many promised features such as offline play, local server are not yet available and we have to information about when it will released. In addition, we are supposed to be able to play online. This is true, but the servers provided by Uber do not handle the workload, so i'm still waiting for being able to play without the crazy lag many people are experiencing while playing online."). So, as with all crowd sourced games, I'll believe it when I see it and not before.
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Starpoint Gemini 2

Mon, 09/29/2014 - 02:35
Well, this is an unexpected surprise. It looks like we have a worthy space game on our hands. I am surprised because the original game, Starpoint Gemini, was definitely a love it or hate it experience. While I never purchased the game, I did give the demo a try and...well, it didn't impress me. In many ways it reminded me of what happened with Elemental War of Magic: the devs just tried to cram too many ideas into one game. Even in the demo I could sense a lot of interesting ideas grinding their gears against other ideas that refused to cooperate. To make matters worse, the original game used a 2D engine that tried to create the illusion of 3D; it just didn't work.

So, when this sequel was announced, I was definitely less than enthused.

However, a day or so ago the game left was what by all accounts a very successful "Early Access" period on Steam and it is getting rave reviews on the usually toxic Steam forums. In fact, it has even reached third place on the Steam best sellers list this weekend, which is pretty impressive seeing how this game is getting little to no ink for some reason. Not all is perfect, though, as there is a laundry list of v1.0 issues that have crept up, particularly with the SP campaign that wasn't Early Access tested (why do devs do that? SP campaigns need the MOST testing!). Still, the overall tone is very positive, especially seeing how LGM has become one of the "good guys" of gaming due to their policy of lots of free content and on-going support (love it or hate it, the original SPG was never abandoned by the devs until work began on this game). So I am optimistic about this game. It certainly looks great (very reminiscent of Eve and the X Series at times):

It is amazing to see how the devs made the leap from cheapy DX9 graphics for the original all the way to DX11 graphics for the sequel! :cool:

I haven't jumped in yet, but I think I will (with the death of X:Rebirth, I have been desperately seeking out a new space sim to hold me over until Elite Dangerous leaves beta). The game is on sale as part of its launch week event, plus I have a coupon from GMG for another 23% off, making a $35 game around $21 bucks. :) Seeing the extensive plans the devs have for this game, i think it might be a worthwhile investment.

Quote: Captain your own space ship and roam the galaxy in 3D in this tactical space simulator with tons of RPG depth ! Space has never looked so inviting - but images can betray...

It has been two years since the end of the second Gemini war, and the situation in the wartorn system is further from resolution than ever before. The collection of freedom fighters named Gemini League is now reduced to a small group, with no power or influence, after losing their leaders. The Empire meanwhile, has used the re-opened Starpoint to occupy the once renegade Gemini sector - and beyond.


Explore the entire game world as a whole, rather than individual "cut-out" maps
Continuous universe divided into regions that provide special visual and gameplay experience
Dynamic real-time combat
Complex, but easy-to-use RPG system (skills, perks, achievements)
Use T-Gates, wormholes and Riftways to travel around the system faster
Fifty diverse factions ranging from states and companies to outlaws, locked in a power-struggle
Direct ship controls in full 3D environment create complete immersion
Large arsenal of destructive weapons for blasting enemies to pieces
Random missions generated depending on player's actions and allegiances
Over 100 commodities to trade or plunder
User-friendly interface centered on context menus
Over 50 unique ships fully upgradeable with various ship systems and equipment
Special licenses acquired from factions offer various bonuses and unlock new options
Hire mercenary captains to follow you in your travels and share your fate
Employ officers to fill key positions on your ship (engineering, navigation, tactical)
Visible turrets reflect how you upgrade your ship
Modding Tools (Level, Material, Particle and Beam editor)
Advanced physics provided by NVIDIA PhysX technology
Cinematic trailer:

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Need Some Insight on a Game

Sun, 09/28/2014 - 21:07
Civilization IV. I saw it on sale for under $10 at a local used bookstore earlier last week and nearly bought it (I nabbed a comic book instead lol). But, I have been craving a good 4x strategy game that covers our world's history or at least a time period from it. Civilization has always seemed very attractive to me in that regard. However, seeing as Civ V does not work on my comp I have thus, been contemplating getting Civ IV instead (assuming it works lol). So, does anyone have anything to say about this game? And of the Civ games, I.E. Civ III-V because Civ III is as far back as I'm willing to go graphics-wise, which do you think is the best?

P.S. I cannot decided between Civ IV or a compendium edition of the Age of Empire series (I & II + expansions).
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What Game and or Series Would You Like to See Reinvented?

Fri, 09/26/2014 - 06:27
A lil something we can all have fun with :cool:

Nintendo likes to reinvent their main series, Mario and Zelda. Each time they use new art styles, character designs (sort of), have new puzzles and quests and twists to the storylines, and etc. What series outside of those two, would you like to see be reinvented and how do you envision this reinvention? Be creative! Use pictures, youtube videos, and whatever else you can think of!

My game:

If I had to reinvent a game/series, it would be... S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I would set it around anytime when there were large empires connecting Asia to Europe and North Africa. I like the idea of radiation pockets existing (not sure how plausible this is in reality) underneath the Earth's surface in the latest Godzilla movie and use that to create numerous zones throughout those empires... for future installments obviously.

Possible eras to toy around in: The Roman Empire at its zenith in Gaul or even northern Italy. The Medieval Ages during the Crusades and East Asia under the Mongol Empire are some ideas. One can easily see the various competing factions in the game and with game engines today, it would be a larger, more persistent world. You can ride horses and it would be a barter system as coinage would be totally worthless in the "plague areas."

So now you can imagine what kind of shenanigans that could happen. The combat system would more closely resemble Chivalry or Mount & Blade on hardcore modes while the easier modes would be . The music would be by the composer(s) for Star Wars: The Old Republic's orchestral scores. The graphics of course, would be like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s, keeping that gritty realism. I would also add in a limited multiplayer element that allows you and several of your friends (maybe 5 of you) to play together and it would be a continuous world. That means if you're off and 2 of your friends are on and add more to a stash, it'll be there when you get on and check it later after they get off.
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I just learned how to silence Fanboys:

Tue, 09/02/2014 - 21:13
Facts! Yep, simple unadulterated, unbiased facts. Once again I called out the Fanboys and of course they immediately called me an 'asshat' and whatnot for stating that CIG (Star Citizen) doesn't follow it's own guidelines and bans people willy-nilly. So I simply challenged them to ask CIG why 'Joda' was banned without the requisite warning? And the response? Eerie silence. Nothing....not a single peep. The only response was simply more hostility from more Fanboys. Sad.

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Panther Games to Change Publishers

Tue, 09/02/2014 - 00:05
Panther Games will be changing publishers at the end of October 2014. It has signed an agreement with another publisher to publish both its computer and board games. We will announce the new publisher soon.

PG Logo Gold on Black.jpg

Panther will be leaving Matrix Games with a lot of good will. The Command Ops Public Forum at Matrix Games will remain available to customers after the transition and support through Matrix Games will continue until the end of October 2014. While not expected, should any future updates to the titles sold through Matrix be required, they would also be compatible with the Matrix Games releases.

Mr Dave O’Connor, President of Panther Games, said “We have been with Matrix Games for ten years and have enjoyed working with them. We are looking forward to streamlining our arrangements for publishing both our computer and board games. We wish Matrix Games all the best for the future.”

Canberra, Australia. 2 September 2014 Attached Images
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Gaming Industry Under Siege??

Sat, 08/30/2014 - 02:44
Over the past two days I have become aware of several large scandals exploding across parts of the gaming world. One is about gaming journalism and the other is about threats to a female gamer and her criticism of the portrayal of women in video games. Another issue that was brushed under the rug was a gamer being "swatted" on live stream whilst playing Counter-Strike. While I am still sifting through the debris it is important to point out that the gaming community appears to be actively drawing lines and firing on all cylinders at each other over various issues.

For example, Anita Sarkeesian is known for a series Feminist Frequency (FemFreq for short). She recently did a mini-series detailing the portrayal of women in video games. Almost immediately she came under extremely harsh backlash that even targeted her personally (death and rape threats as well as the release of her and her parent's addresses). She was forced to leave her home (apparently) under the advice of the FBI whom she contacted in relation to the threats. However, some have claimed that her videos steal content from other content creators without crediting them, spew out fallacies, misconstrue games, and outright lie about them. So the community is split. But, I wholly disagree with those who believe she is getting her just deserves for misinforming people about games. They just that, GAMES. To go so far as to sit back and let people threaten her and her family's lives is as disgusting as those making the threats and it just really reinforces the gamin community's issue with female gamers, characters, and the enormous amounts of misogyny that exist.

Here is Pt. 2 over her series:

The other is about terrible gaming journalism, specifically between Kotaku and Plygon. I honestly just discovered this minutes ago so I cannot really comment on it as much as I did above:

From Gamer Headlines:
Quote: A few days ago I posted an article that discussed in no small part the importance of standards within journalistic media. Gaming journalism is currently enduring a colossal change in tides that has seen several big names within the industry heavily criticised for acts of non-disclosure, censorship, as well the burial and with-holding of information. This string of events has been primarily publicised, fought for and evidenced by the gaming community itself, who have over-come all attempts to prevent the matter from spreading further.

Unfortunately, those attempts to quell the spread of information only served to infuriate and further encourage many gamers to continue calling out press regarding ethical negligence. Today, two more popular writers found themselves on the receiving end of strongly worded criticisms regarding the unreasonable overlap of personal relationships and publications.

Patricia Hernandez (@xpatriciah), writer at Kotaku, and Ben Kuchera (@BenKuchera), editor at Polygon, have been scalded this evening as Reddit users diverted to a highly detailed account of articles in which the two writers had failed to disclose personal interests prior to publishing their work. The accusation is especially scalding since it directly contradicts the recently stated ethical expectations of Kotaku editor-in-chief, Stephen Totilo (stephentotilo).

Read The Rest: Here So, what are everyone's thoughts on the subjects? I can already guess that many here agree that gamin journalism is the shits and I know that this is a hugely commonly understood fact from throughout the gaming community as evidenced across multiple forums I visit.

As for the issues with Sarkeesian, it is much trickier I feel. I have seen people criticize her content in other videos but agree that the backlash is totally unnecessary and just wrong. Others have stated that she deserves it which is enabling this form of disgusting cyber-based behaviour. I find it appalling that people are basically okaying those actions. Another thing is is that, as stated in the article from Gamer Headlines, the gaming industry has not major impact on world politics and economics, and etc. It is a purely entertainment industry first, and a possible educator second. However there are parts of it that undoubtedly require oversight. Both of these examples are important for the industry/hobby in moving forward. And to adequately tackle them every single tier of the industry MUST take part in open conversations about what to do and where to go. I feel that the industry is one of the few that can really shift and direct itself as a whole, along new paths. Yet, this requires its participants to understand and realize that mature, open, and honest debate is needed and childish trolling and threats are unfounded and should be accompanied by severe consequences.
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CCP Closing SF Office

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 21:05
From Blues News:

Quote: CCP Closing SF Office

The latest financial report from CCP (in Icelandic, Adobe Acrobat format) reveals the EVE Online developer is closing its San Francisco office, and parting ways with former chief marketing officer David Reid and chief financial officer Joe Gallo. CCP explains they are looking to "combine and simplify" some operations, and Reddit notes that translating the report suggests flat revenues played into the decision. Thanks And it is only going to get worse as Elite moves closer to release. Elite is the type of space game people have wanted for years. Eve Online was a good substitute...but just that: a substitute. If Elite launches in good shape, I expect to see Eve sub numbers crater rather quickly as all the "carebears" abandon the game, leaving the corp hardcore to fight it out in an increasingly empty universe.

PS: as if more proof is needed as to the mortal threat Elite will prove to be:

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I have to ask: why am I so stupid?

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 05:54
Recently I posted a comment on another site promoting the idea of making ships cloaked (invisible) for Star Citizen. Not mentioning names but most were adamantly against it despite the fact 99% never tried it! How on earth do people come to conclusions about something they know nothing about? Incredible. And their arguments were just brain numbing, especially the old Chris Roberts said he doesn't want to make an EVE 2.0 argument. Of course he doesn't want to make an EVE 2.0; and I don't want to play an EVE 2.0. What does that have to do with anything? EVE didn't invent cloaking! They got it from Star Trek and no doubt Gene Roddenberry got it from mythology going back hundreds of years. Evochron also has cloaking but for some strange reason it's once again about 'not' being another EVE. God people are stupid.

And I faced this kind of stupidity before. Like when I pushed for outside designers/ship contest and Fanbois went ballistic. 95% of the comments were adamantly opposed to it. Fast forward and ta-da! Amazing ships all thanks to outside designers and a competition!!! Now the Fanbois are all ga-ga over the ships. dumb asses.

And then there was the time I called out the crappy flight controls shortly after Arena Commanders release. You should have heard how defensive the Fanbois were about the buggered mechanics. And I wasn't the only one. Many realized the poor mechanics needed changing and fortunately Chris Roberts agreed and soon we will have all 6 mods of movement in the next patch - for both coupled and decoupled modes. But you can bet your sweet beepee that Fanbois will continue jumping to the defense of anything CIG puts out - even though it is in Alpha.

I could go on and on about Fanbois. They have to be some of the dumbest people on the planet. But I really should feel sorry for them because studies have proven that Fanbois have an inferiority complex and tend to look at criticism of their chosen product as some kind of personal failure; as a result they tend to overreact or simply scream bloody murder when someone doesn't march lockstep with them. Besides, if there is anyone that is stupid - it's me. Because I keep trying to reason with them. God I am a dumb-ass.
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Star Citizen: if you can get pass all the rabid Fanbois......

Wed, 08/13/2014 - 20:30
Just wanted to add something to GAMESQUAD that demonstrates the awesomeness of Star Citizen. A lot of people probably think I am all about criticizing Chris Roberts but that is far from the case. I have always promoted Star Citizen. What I don't promote is worshiping the ground Mr. Roberts walks on; nor do I promote the intolerant atmosphere promoted by Fanbois and Fanboi moderators. What's more, I find pushing the 'community' meme pathetically transparent in terms of ginning up profits. Yes I am a Star Citizen fan but one who believes criticism can be a good thing. Unfortunately there is very little open criticism on RSI Forums for fear of getting banned; meanwhile the constant emphasis on money and profit is making SC look more and more like a 'Publisher' based game with each passing day.

But if you can get pass all that, if you simply want to feel like you are actually IN space and experiencing the most graphically intense, beautifully crafted planets and asteroid fields ever created; if flying ships, traversing the universe and scattering your enemy's remains across the system is your only concern - then do I have a game for you!

Star Citizen -- ALL Trailers! (Gamescom 2014):


Single Player Mode:

Multiplayer Mode:

Ship tour/Deluxe Hangar:

Upcoming Asteroid Hangar:


The Next Great Starship:

Around The Verse (weekly broadcast):

Upcoming Planetside:

A great video that accidentally stumbles on great things yet to come?

Oculus Rift:

Cool Vids:
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Battle Academy 2

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 20:04
Combat Missionx2 has the looks, but the BA series has ways had the better MP in my opinion. I hope when BA 2 releases in September, the BA1 complete DLC package goes on sale.


Quote: Not so quiet on the Eastern Front!
Official release date and Steam version announced for Battle Academy 2

Epsom, UK – August 12, 2014.

“The German army is a machine, and machines can be broken!” (Konstantin Rokossovsky – Marshal of the Soviet Union)

June 21, 1941 – The German army suddenly turns east and embarks on its ambitious Operation Barbarossa intended to put German troops to Moscow in a couple of weeks. This was the first move of a frightful 4-years conflict that involved millions of soldiers, tanks and weapons of all genres.

In Battle Academy 2, players will have the possibility to join both sides and re-fight some of the key operations that made the east front legendary. Building on the qualities of its predecessor, the gameplay of Battle Academy 2 will preserve both the accessibility and dynamism that built its reputation while enhancing it with brand new tactical tools and vast amounts of new content as well. There are 4 campaigns, a random map generator, multiplayer modes with cooperative and versus gameplay and a unique skirmish mode that allows to generate an infinite number of customized scenarios, players should prepare for long, tough journey on the Eastern Front!

Today we have the pleasure to unveil the official release date of the game: Battle Academy 2 will be available on both our sites and Steam on September 12th. The press has already begun previewing the game “a very playable and solidly entertaining game.” (Armchair General), “hats off to Slitherine, random terrain engines of this calibre are ludicrously rare in contemporary PC wargaming” (Rock Paper Shotgun), so watch out for more coverage and get ready for the release!

Get more information on Battle Academy 2 from its official product page. That random terrain generator could prove to be a big draw!
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Mr. Roberts, your games rock - but honesty will go a long way

Mon, 08/11/2014 - 21:30
Chris Roberts is great at making games! Math however is not one of his strong suits. I say this because recently Mr. Roberts attempted to justify ongoing crowd funding in his latest 'Letter from the Chairman' by stating, and I quote: 'To sustain this level of development we need to keep bringing in additional funds. Star Citizen is still much less than other published backed AAAgames that have similar levels of ambition (some would even say a little less) like GTA V, Watch Dogs or Destiny' (1).

I found this statement particularly at odds with reality given Mr. Roberts himself stated that his model of funding (Direct PC Model vs. Traditional PC Model) enables him '4 times the with a quarter of the people we can make the same game'. So by Mr. Robert's graph - clearly presented at 13:35 - he is able to invest 80% of revenue towards development as where Grand Theft Auto V was able to only invest 20% (2). Consequently it would appear that when Star Citizen reaches $50 million, which will likely be achieved next week, SC will have invested $40 million directly as where GTA development investment stands at $52 million (if GTA's $265 million/£170 million budget is correct).

Clearly, by Mr. Robert's own math, Star Citizen is only 15 million (80% of which equals 12 million) short of reaching GTAs development goal - a goal which in all likelihood will be achieved next year. Given that Grande Theft Auto V stands as the most expensive game ever developed, I find it odd that Mr. Roberts would state in a recent newsletter that 'Star Citizen is still much less than other published backed AAAgames', when in fact it is already above and beyond most AAAgames! In fact, Star Citizen is likely to surpass GTA this time next year if the present trend continues. Not bad considering Star Citizen is approximately at the halfway point before release!!!

Clearly Star Citizen still needs to continue funding as it is no doubt the most ambitious project ever attempted. I for one support continued crowd funding but at a certain point we have to be honest with ourselves and stop using other games as a point of reference to justify prices and marketing strategies. Pointing to other games budgets is one thing; pointing to other games while ignoring one's own development cost is another. At least if Mr. Robert's math is to be believed.


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Act of Aggression

Sat, 08/09/2014 - 21:00
Eugen's next RTS:

Quote: Eugen Systems, the studio behind the million-unit selling Wargame series of RTS games and the critically acclaimed Act of War (2005) or R.U.S.E (2010), is back! Set in a modern, techno-thriller setting, their new game promises to be a perfect cocktail of political intrigue, high fidelity visuals and solid mechanics with old-school RTS values.

Act of Aggression vows to bring about a return to the 90's Golden Era of real time strategy games, delivering all of the core mechanics sorely missed by many RTS fans: base building, resource management, unit production and dynamic, immersive battles will meet high fidelity production values and intelligent modernization. Today's images and teaser trailer provide a first look at the game, to be showcased at the Gamescom next week.

In what is shaping up to be their most ambitious project since Act of War, Eugen Systems will deliver a real-time strategy experience set in the 2020's in a darkly realistic future where 3 major factions fight for their interests. In a world where international crisis and financial order is set in a seemingly unending loop, the shadowy organization known as "The Cartel" attempt to complete a secret agenda with high-tech technology, stolen prototypes and stealthy operatives. Against this looming threat stands the Chimere, a UNO funded, classified military organization specialized in fast strikes, which attempts to maintain global peace and order. Finally, somewhere between the two stands the US Army, worn out by two decades of being kept on a war footing with too few replacements, but still fielding a great deal of battle-hardened veterans.

Act of Aggression will include two separate single player campaigns, featuring traditional RTS storytelling and game mechanics: gathering resources, building a base, producing units ... but also supplies to keep the war machine rolling. In true Eugen style, expect vast, skill-based multiplayer modes where technological upgrades, resource storage and base defenses will play an integral role in the battle. Extend your base, defend your structures, and create new bases to control key strategic areas on the map. Unleash infantry, mechanized vehicles, tanks, artillery, helicopters, planes, and super weapons, earning experience as you destroy the enemy's forces and preserve yours (as they get more experienced), unlock skills and abilities to turn the tide of war by specializing them in roles, such as anti-air, anti-tank, etc... With steady development of new technologies, your production capacities will grow always more powerful, unlocking new buildings, units, and ultimate weapons far beyond technologies of today!

As with Wargame: Dragon Rising, this is a game that looks good...but I am prepared to wait for a deep sale before I buy it. As I mentioned before, I am getting a little annoyed with Eugen in that they release a game, but before it gets a chance to flower Eugen is off and running onto the next game. For example, they released RUSE and then rushed off to Wargame:EE. Wargame:EE was released, and off they rushed to Wargame:ALB. Before ALB even had its legs under it, they were off and working on Wargame: Dragon Rising (which was a real tragedy as there were a whole host of NATO/WP WWIII theaters left to explore). And before Dragon Rising has even learned to walk, they are announcing AoA. This is why I refuse to pay full price for Dragon Rising. Even though I had fun with ALB, I know DR is going to be abandoned before too much longer. Why should I pay full price for that?
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Warhammer 40K Armageddon

Mon, 08/04/2014 - 22:10
I am really hopeful for this game. Panzer Korps was a solid game, so the idea of marrying that system to a 40K environment has the makings of a potentially great game, especially if we get all the races in there. Finally, a 40K PBEM game!

Anyhoo...Slitherine is taking applications for the beta process today:

Quote: Sign up for the Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon beta!
Today we are overjoyed to share with you that Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon, one of the most anticipated turn-based strategy games of the year, is getting ready for release! This detailed multiplatform wargame is now ready to enter the PC beta phase and we invite you to help us test it! By signing up for the beta, you will have a chance to be selected to be one of the lucky few, who will be able experience Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon before release and help us with the final touches, ensuring a smooth release later this year.

Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon is set during the Second War for Armageddon. In this hex-based, turn-based game developed by Flashback Games and The Lordz Games Studio, you will lead the Imperial forces of the Armageddon Steel Legion and Space Marines from a variety of Chapters against the Ork invasion through over 30 scenarios, on the hostile terrain of the planet and its gigantic Hive Cities. The game features a complex plot, involving known characters from the Warhammer 40,000 universe and while advancing through the campaign, you will have the ability to carryover his core force from scenario to scenario.


  • The game portrays the Second War for Armageddon in great detail, from the initial Ork landings to the final liberation of the planet
  • Large branching campaign with 30 major scenarios, plus additional 5 tutorial scenarios that explore the story in detail
  • A complex plot, which can develop during a mission, right in the middle of battle, creating an engaging story line with unexpected twists
  • Players lead Imperial troops of the Armageddon Steel Legion, with supporting assets from a number of Space Marine chapters against the ferocious Orks
  • Carry over battle-hardened veterans from scenario to scenario, using their experience and upgrading their equipment
  • Fight alongside Commissar Yarrick and Commander Dante against the cunning Ork Warboss Ghazghkull Thraka
  • Detailed combat model with terrain, weather and morale effects
  • 300+ unit types representing Armageddon Steel Legion, the Orks, Blood Angels, Ultramarines and Salamanders Space Marine chapters and Titans.
  • 20 different units stats, many unique special traits and abilities
  • A separate set of maps are designed and balanced specifically for multiplayer via Slitherine's PBEM++ system
  • Extensive modding options delivered through a powerful and easy-to-use game editor.
10498339_777402662280620_2652230954592658403_o.jpg Attached Images
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Chris Roberts = the Gordon Gekko of gaming?

Tue, 07/29/2014 - 18:55
Whenever I hear CIG go off about how wonderful the Star Citizen 'community' is, I feel embarrassed. Apparently, Star Citizen is now about what Chris Roberts and CIG can get from the community and not what it can give back. Strike that, after reaching nearly 50 million dollars in funding, thanks to us supporters, and greatly surpassing the original 2 million dollar goal, we have generously been given an in game towel! Clearly Gordon Gekko is alive and well at Star Citizen. Don't get me wrong, I support selling ships to support the game - but sooner or later the unadulterated, barefaced greed has to stop. It's high time CIG start giving back to the community instead of trying to fleece it at every turn. A case in point, the Xi'An Scout which went for a hefty $150! Ok, I get Chris Roberts wants to keep making money but in the words of Gordon Gekko's young protege, 'How much is enough, Gordon?'

And it never seems to be enough, even at nearly 50 million - at least not enough to give back to the so called 'community' CIG keeps ballyhooing about. It doesn't take a cynic or major in business science to see what is going on: clearly CIG is pushing the 'community' meme in an effort to create an atmosphere conducive for buying. And it is working - in spades! I for one don't believe a 'community' is defined by money. A community needs to be a two way street; it's not just about taking - it is also about giving. Of course there are people, especially Fanbois, who will argue that supporters are receiving a game and final product. But this is simply purchasing a service - hardly what I call a healthy, robust 'community'!

Which brings me to CCP and EVE. Whatever you want to say about CCP, and I am pretty critical on how they have expanded over the years, at least they understand what 'community' means. They understand that giving is just as important as receiving which is why they build, design and give free ships as a token of their appreciation. It is a far cry from cyber towels! Sure, CCP may have its gaming priorities in a knot but they understand the value of supporters - and good on them!

But perhaps things will turn around at Star Citizen. After all, how much is enough, Chris? Or are we going to continue this unrestrained, in your face, give me your money business model? Oh and here is a free towel - by the way thanks for the 50 mil! But there is a bright side. Instead of a celebratory free ship for supporters upon reaching 50 million, citizens can look forward to seeing their money go towards creating alien languages! After all, its for the 'community'. But I can't help but wonder if the first alien language ever to be translated will be: 'Kallor 300gyk! Shap na tiie hunna! Ani ou ping' (translation: Only $300! Get your ships today! Towel not included).
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The Infantilisation of Gaming

Mon, 07/28/2014 - 21:25
I am so gratified to read this from Gratuitous Space Battles' dev, Cliff Harris:

Quote: I’m 45 years old. I have a bald spot, own slippers and have a pension. I play games, and so do a LOT of people my age, and a bit younger. Pretty much everywhere, everyone treats me like an adult. When I read a book or magazine, it treats me like an adult, ditto for most websites I visit, or events I go to. Except when any of those involve games. When it’s games related, suddenly I am targeted as though I’m a horny and stupid 13 year old boy who wants to shout a lot and say ‘****’ because mom isn’t watching. This hasn’t been something that appeals to me for about THIRTY YEARS.


Lets face facts, gaming will NEVER be taken seriously until it sheds this infantile image. Tax-breaks for the gaming industry? how do you make that argument to a politician my age (or older) when a quick search online for interviews with game developers shows them being quizzed by embarrassing kidults in bandanas holding skateboards saying DUDE and **** at every opportunity? You think that appeals to anyone who is in their forties? It’s not just journalists. even the head people at gaming divisions for Microsoft and Sony have the tendency to start saying stupid dumb things and doing high fives on stage the minute they talk about games.

Some games are deliberately immature and silly and aimed at kids. Some aren’t. All of them get reviewed by people who think they are making adverts for nerf guns. Please grow up, it is acutely EMBARRASSING to see 30+, or 40+ men pretending to be ‘down with tha kidz’. The next time you are posting a video review of a game, see if you can manage it without adopting a stupid voice, and without swearing. If people can review books and movies in a normal voice without screaming and making knob jokes, I theorize the same can be done for games. Amen, brother! With the exception of the fine company here and a few other places, sometimes I feel like the only mature guy still involved with the hobby!
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Mon, 07/28/2014 - 15:03
This reminds me of Frozen Synapse (thematically) meets AI War (AI battles theme)...which is really cool. :cool:

From Blues News:

NeonXSZ on Steam Next Month:

Quote: A new trailer is online for NeonXSZ (pronounced Neon Excesses), an independently developed 6DOF first-person shooter set in cyberspace with a Descent-meets-Tron feel. This has been available via Desura for some time now (boasting a 9.5 user rating), and now they are set to launch this next month on Steam, saying: "To avoid the recent stigma attached to Early access, the first 30 hours of the game are content complete and fine-tuned from eighteen months of alpha testing." Here's a new trailer celebrating the news and showing off some of the game's gadgets, and here's a feature list:

NeonXSZ recaptures the speed and responsiveness of old-school shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament.
The player gets to loot and fly dozens of ships and over 850+ upgrades.
Openworld gameplay filled with approximately one thousand AI dudes free to travel anywhere, from four warring factions.
Enemies drop parts of their hulls, weapons, and installed upgrades - not random loot.
If you see it, you can loot it and use it.
The game is never the same twice.

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Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes

Mon, 07/28/2014 - 12:54
Okay, I have no experience with this title, but the company had some serious development issues in the past. So what's the deal, is it worth trying or not? What is the gameplay like?
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