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Rise of the Automatons Expansion Released for Endless Space

Iceberg Interactive and developer Amplitude Studios announce that they are ready to release the first free add-on for their ‘4x’ strategy hit ENDLESS SPACE, called “Rise of the Automatons”, later today on Steam.

Amplitude CEO Mathieu Girard says: “We have to thank our community for their help in defining the add-on – GAMES2GETHER votes were used to determine half the improvements. We really appreciate our players’ devotion and ideas; they've given us ammo for many more updates and upgrades beyond this one. They're numerous, argumentative, and occasionally challenging, but we wouldn't have it any other way.”

Most important features of the add-on

•    Addition of the new Automatons custom faction (thanks to the community hero ‘Panzer‘)
•    GUI changes such as a new Trade Route panel and Empire Management screen
•    Upgraded and updated diplomacy and alliance options
•    Improved hero management
•    Improved AI
•    Fixes, amendments and changes

The full list of changes for the add-on can be found on the Amplitude forums here. Players should finish their current game today as the add-on is incompatible with old saves due to the many changes.

To see some screenshots of the new expansion, please see the game's gallery.