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Crusader Kings II Released

Valentine's Day. A time for love. With the release today of Crusader Kings II from Paradox Interactive, you can also add betrayal, political intrigue, backstabbing and marrying for personal gain into cupids potent mix. Who said romance was dead?!

Eight years after the much loved original, Crusader Kings II is the long awaited sequel to Crusader Kings, developed by the acclaimed team behind the Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron and Victoria series. A game of choice and a reflection of each player’s personal morality, how will you play this very personal game of Strategy? Rule with an iron fist oppressing your population through fear? Perhaps lead your kingdom through respect and benevolence, instilling loyalty in your subjects instead? Or maybe marry your way to power. These are the weighty decisions that await you in your quest for influence and territorial domination.

Crusader Kings II explores one of the defining eras in world history, covering the volatile period of the 11th to 15th century, in an experience crafted by the masters of Grand Strategy. Medieval Europe is brought to life in this epic title rife with rich strategic and tactical depth.

Fray Featurette Released

I am becoming a bit more optimistic about the future of gaming in 2012.  Why?  Well, because something is going to happen…something wonderful [extra points if you get the movie reference].  In the wake of what appears to be a big studio collapse (i.e., software and hardware sales down an astonishing 34%), smaller studios are stepping up to fill the void with a line of games that refreshing in their originality and artistic vision.  Even better than that, though, is the realization that a lot of these studios are making games that abandon the long-dominant ‘twitch’ mode of RTS/FPS gaming in favor of more thoughtful turn-based fare.  Mode 7’s Frozen Synapse,’s Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, bitComposer’s Games’ Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, GoldHawk Interactive’s Xenonauts, and Firaxis’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown are just some recent and pending turn-based titles that spring to mind. 

Microsoft Flight Lands 29th February

Prepare for take-off! On the heels of a successful beta, Microsoft Studios announced “Microsoft Flight” will be available to download worldwide for free starting 29th February, 2012. In addition, the Hawaiian Adventure Pack, which includes the remaining Hawaiian Islands, a new plane and 20 new missions, will be available to purchase the same day for players looking to expand their horizons.

An entirely new PC game, “Microsoft Flight” lets players jump into the challenge, thrill, and wonder of flight with no special hardware or past experience. The game will be available to download from, with the option to purchase content packs, aircraft and other content from Games for Windows -LIVE. “There was an overwhelming demand for access to the ‘Microsoft Flight’ beta and the number of requests was more than double what we initially planned for,” said executive producer Joshua Howard. “We received amazing feedback from the beta participants and it’s great to see this level of excitement from fans as we move toward the release of ‘Microsoft Flight.”

Explore the Hawaii Islands From Above

Victoria II: A House Divided Expansion Released

Paradox Interactive have today released the first expansion for their internally developed Grand Strategy title Victoria II focusing on the American Civil War era, Victoria II: A House Divided, with a suggested retail price of $19.99/€19.99/£14.99.

From the development team behind Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis, Victoria II: A House Divided introduces a new starting point in 1861 allowing players to experience the US Civil War from the start, from the era of absolute monarchies, encompassing expansion and colonization, culminating in the emergence of the US as a global superpower at the dawn of the 20th century.

Victoria II: A House Divided Features

• New starting point in 1861 allowing players to experience the US Civil War from the start
• Manufacture reasons to go to war with other countries, all in the quest for power
• Civilize your country with various new reform paths to ultimately become equal with European nations
• Invest in building infrastructure and factories in other countries to strengthen their ties to you
• Deeper political system with new national focus options and new types of reforms

King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame Released

At long last, the time to free the war-torn land of Britannia from evil has come! Paradox Interactive and Neocore Games today announced that the highly anticipated dark fantasy RTS/RPG King Arthur II - The Role-playing Wargame is now available in English on PC for $39.99 in retail and through all major digital download portals. Other language versions will follow soon.

View the King Arthur II Launch trailer here:

Star Trek Online Goes F2P


Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic has announced that Star Trek Online has gone free to play today:

Star Trek Online's free-to-play launch has arrived! That's right, you can PLAY NOW for FREE. For the first time ever on a truly massive scale, you take the Captain's Chair and command your own ship and crew. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go in this expanding vast universe.

A new F2P trailer has also been released:

Naval War: Arctic Circle Video Dev Diary Released

The first video developer diary for Turbo Tape Games' upcoming wargame Naval War: Arctic Circle is now online. The development team shares their vision of a seamless ocean span where modern warships battle for control of precious natural resources.

You can watch the first Naval War: Arctic Circle video developer diary here:

Release Date Set for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

Kalypso Media has announced that Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, the next installment in the much loved Jagged Alliance series of tactical role-playing games, will arrive in North American retail outlets on February 14, 2012. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action puts players in control of a private military corporation that has been hired to depose an evil dictator, who has taken over the tropical island of Arulco. Sector-by-sector, inch-by-inch, the player’s squads of mercenaries will recapture the island using their wits, willpower, tactical skills, and of course – plenty of guns.

Kalypso Media have also released a brand new trailer for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action which previews gameplay and provides more insight into the tactical gameplay.

View the new trailer here:

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