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Nuclear Union Announced


This is an...intriguing announcement from Best Way. Seems that they are working on a "large scale" dark RPG dealing with life in a post nuclear war wasteland.  Yup, I'm hooked already. 

Here's the cryptic annoucement:


Our Union is even stronger 50 years later!

Pobedograd, Soviet Union – June 22, 2012 – Every child knows the glorious story that lead to today. When the Capitalist Alliance lead by the Americans refused to allow our defensive screen in Cuba, in 1962, and then attacked us with nuclear weapons. However our Motherland and the Soviet Forces were better prepared than the dogs knew. We leveled them, and half the planet, to show our sickle is sharp and the hammer hits hard indeed!

While the Americans celebrated that they reduced Moscow to rubble, our air defenses kept the city from becoming ash. Almost the entire planet surface was contaminated by their bombs, but it didn’t matter as we had moved underground days before. The Soviet Union did what we have always done, survived. The country underwent a massive evacuation of the most important citizens, leaders and industries to a pre-built network of specifically equipped bunkers.

It’s 50 years later, 2012, and our glorious capital city, Pobedograd (Victory City), is a beacon of hope. It’s time to go outside again brothers and sisters, time to see what has become of our Motherland and her proud cities and towns. Grab a weapon and join us!

Not much to go on, but I am definitely interested in where this is going.

Here is an equally cryptic video:

For more information as it becomes available please go to: /